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Firearms qualification is a common but important part of the law enforcement experience. However, without proper shooting range equipment, implementing uniform standards can be time-consuming, inefficient and frustrating. Whether your department has 100 officers to qualify each year, or 100 academy cadets to qualify each month, every agency requires a training facility that will not only meet their tactical training needs but an outdoor shooting range facility that will adapt to their programs.

Ancient City Shooting Range's tactical training facility and shooting range offers everything from totally independent sophisticated computer-controlled turners, to more basic and economical tandem driven targets. Either way, with Ancient City Shooting Range and Action Target's unequalled quality and experience we will provide you with superior training with our target scenarios.

Moving Targets

Training on moving targets has become mandatory for law enforcement and military agencies and civilian training across the country, and rightfully so. When was the last time you were in a violent confrontation with someone who just stood still? Because running seems to be a part of most gunfights, the ability to fire safely and accurately at moving threats can be one of an officer's greatest assets.  Moving target systems are already in place at Ancient City Shooting Range and we are currently designing a MOUT City that will help prepare law enforcement personnel for diverse situations.

Turning Targets

Reactive Targets

Reactive shooting is the skill any responsible gun owner must rely on when confronted with a suddenly hazardous situation. It is a critical skill that can save lives, and is achieved by implementing a program consisting of conditioned hand-eye coordination developed by ACSR's training program and Action Target air-powered reactive steel systems.

Static Targets

Static target shooting is the foundation of acquiring the target and following through with the shot. Ancient City Shooting Range offers plate racks, dueling trees, hostage targets and various other shapes and sizes in 500 Brinell steel plates.

Static steel targets are utilized in many shooting competitions around the world. Below are a couple of examples of how to have fun and train with static steel targets at Ancient City Shooting Range, St. Augustine, Florida.

Dueling Tree

Rob vs Chris, Action Target
The goal is to get all of your targets (paddles) on the opponents side.

"Showdown" - 5 Steel Plates

Watch as Max Michel sets the World Record at the 2012 Steel Challenge Competition.

The accuracy and proficiency in shooting is significantly influenced by the facility and equipment used to train. Steel targets are ideal because they allow the shooter to gain more accuracy and acquire the necessary skills in an efficient, safe and fast mode, therefore applying the skills learned in real life situations.

ACSR members using steel targets  to practice enjoy the convenience of training more than shooting at paper targets. This is primarily facilitated by the fact that a steel target  produces instant responses and engaging interaction that enables the trainee to shoot continuously for longer periods without taking unnecessary breaks to check and replace the target.

Ultimately, members using steel targets can shoot more times therefore providing more time to train. Ancient City Shooting Range offers a variety of  steel targets that move in certain ways such as falling, spinning and reactive allows the trainee to enjoy moving the target into different directions and different postures. This makes training more fun and the shooter looks forward to hitting the next accurate shot.

Ancient City Shooting Range offers steel target shooting to all its members on a daily basis.  ACSR range members also have the option to further challenge themselves by participating in competitions every Saturday morning at the range. Everyone is welcome and all competitions are suitable for novice shooters.

Other Target Systems

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