New Tactical Training Center Under Construction

“ATTAC – American Tactical Training Arms Center
is a state-of-the-art tactical training and outdoor shooting and archery range
in Saint Augustine, Florida.”

In today’s society, law enforcement and security forces will have to focus on anticipating the forthcoming challenges and reacting to the increasing importance of enhanced training in this arena (tactically speaking).  American Tactical Training Arms Center will not only examine the changes in policy and doctrine within the international market, focusing on new developments and implementation strategies but will also consider the current issues for defense training within the tactical training market. As we look ahead, we will also examine the synthetic environment and simulation training developments and look at the new developments for defense training systems.

American Tactical Training Arms Center (ATTAC), along with Ancient City Shooting Range (ACSR) – Florida ‘s Exclusive Outdoor Tactical Shooting Range will be a unique provider to law enforcement agencies, SWAT and military units requiring a tactical training facility featuring MOUT city. All tactical training houses will be equipped with video for reviewing clearing drills, computer simulators, low light training and noise distractions.

American Tactical Training Arms Center also offers unique training courses utilizing a blast house with breaching doors, walls and windows for dynamic explosive entry drills. Other onsite amenities at ATTAC will include a three-story repel/sniper tower equipped with moving training targets and military-style obstacle course designed to meet the tactical training needs of military and law enforcement personnel.  American Tactical Training Arms Center will also have available a lake with boats to simulate real life water rescue, maritime and tactical response training.