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Advance Carbine Operator w/Larry Vickers – 6/7 Jan 2017

Advance Carbine Operator w/Larry Vickers – 6/7 Jan 2017

This class covers all the basic and intermediate skills required to competently operate a carbine.  This class is suitable for a wide range of students from those with rudimentary experience to those seeking to improve and refine their existing carbine skills.  Topics covered include carbine safety, stance, zeroing sights, sight alignment and trigger control.  Other . . . (Read More)

2 Day Pistol Course w/Kyle Defoor – 14/15 April 2018

2 Day Pistol Course w/Kyle Defoor – 14/15 April 2018

Defoor Performance Shooting no longer differentiate between “concealed pistol” and a normal “pistol” course. The skills needed for someone carrying a duty rig and those carrying concealed do not necessitate an entirely separate course when taught and trained correctly. We used 2017 as a year to consolidate the two classes and moving forward this gives more opportunity to more people . . . (Read More)

Jedburgh Target Systems Pistol Course

Jedburgh Target Systems Pistol Course

This 1 day dynamic Pistol Course is designed to expand on the skills learned during the Jedburgh Basic Pistol Course.  Most drills will incorporate Jedburgh’s randomized targets.  Topics covered include: Draw from the holster Single and Multiple target engagements Malfunction drills One handed manipulations (reloads and malfunction clearing) Alternate shooting positions Use of cover Speed . . . (Read More)

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  • 2 Day Combat Carbine – 7/8 Oct 2017

    2 Day Combat Carbine – 7/8 Oct 2017

    This course was developed for the armed professional and shooting enthusiast who desires to attain a higher level of mastery over his weapons system.  While this course focuses on the AR15 family of weapons, all semi auto weapons systems are welcome.  You will engage targets from zero to 300 meters and beyond (range depending), use . . . (Read More)

  • TAPS Carbine w/Pat McNamara – 18/19 Nov 2017

    Pat McNamara (Mac) has 22 years of Special Operations experience, 13 of which were in 1st SFOD-D. He has extensive experience in hostile fire/combat zones in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. He trains individuals at basic and advanced levels of marksmanship and combat tactics. With Carbine TAPS (Tactical Application of Practical Shooting), Mac introduces . . . (Read More)

  • Carbine I E.A.G. Tactical – 9/10 December 2017

    Carbine I E.A.G. Tactical – 9/10 December 2017

    Carbine 1 is a class focused on rapid engagements without sacrificing accuracy. All topics will be geared towards fighting with the carbine. This class is a moderately intensive course that will involve running and positional shooting. Topics Safety Accuracy Ballistics Ready positions Shooting positions Reloads Transitions Basic malfunction clearance Movement Shooting from positions of cover . . . (Read More)

  • Two Person Armed Defense – 11 Dec 2017

    Two Person Armed Defense – 11 Dec 2017

    I.C.E. Training Two Person Armed Defense Description: This course is meant for the couple, co-workers or friends who are generally both armed and interested in learning about how to coordinate their efforts in a worst case scenario. This training will draw from law enforcement, military and security team training and be applied to the context . . . (Read More)

  • World’s Collide w/Pincus & Leatham – 9/10 Dec 2017

    World’s Collide w/Pincus & Leatham – 9/10 Dec 2017

    Rob Pincus and Rob Leatham on the range together, helping you to perfect your shooting skill and your ability to apply your skills in a worst case scenario… what more do you need to know? Leatham is the most successful competitive pistol shooter in history, with countless National and International Titles won over the past . . . (Read More)


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