No Vis Carbine 4/5 Nov 2017

greenline carbine

Push your limits with a carbine in the dark.  No-Vis Carbine is shot entirely in the dark using both white lights and NVGs.  Operating in the dark presents a different set of obstacles for the shooter.  In this intense training session you will learn gun handling and shooting techniques that will enhance your capabilities in the night.  We will discuss the use of light throughout the spectrum from Visible to IR, light selection and photonics.

Prerequesites; You must have had recent defensive or tactical handgun training.  This is not a beginners course and fundamental gun handling skills will not be the focus.

This course will take place all night the night of November 4th, please plan accordingly.

Equipment needed

Carbine with slide mounted red dot optic or laser and weapon mounted light (optimal)

600 rounds of ammunition

Hand held tactical white light

Sturdy belt with at least 2 magazine pouches

Minimum of 3 magazines for your carbine

Helmet (can be non-ballistic)

Night Vision Goggle and Mount (limited NVG/Helmet setups are available for rent)

Ear and Eye Protection (clear wrap around)


Insect repellent

Notebook and pen

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About your instructor:

Don Edwards is a 20+ year veteran of US Army Special Operations.  He began his career in the 75th Ranger Regiment where he was a participant in Operation Just Cause.  Retired from 20th Special Forces Group where he served as Team Sergeant during combat operations in Iraq.  He has served for five years as the Use of Force training manager and primary instructor at the ATF National Academy in Glynco, GA instructing in tactics and firearms as well.  Don worked as tactical advisor to the Department of Defense from 2008 to 2015 serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan, is co-founder of the Florida Counterdrug Training Academy, and is a FLETC certified firearms instructor.  Don is a Combat Focus Shooting Instructor and has been Pro Staff for Aimpoint.  Currently Don is the owner and operator of Greenline Tactical providing firearms and tactics training for armed professionals and lawfully armed citizens and is the Director of Government Sales for TNVC.

Don Edwards