Jedburgh Target Systems Pistol Course

This 1 day dynamic Pistol Course is designed to expand on the skills learned during the Jedburgh Basic Pistol Course.  Most drills will incorporate Jedburgh’s randomized targets.  Topics covered include:

  • Draw from the holster
  • Single and Multiple target engagements
  • Malfunction drills
  • One handed manipulations (reloads and malfunction clearing)
  • Alternate shooting positions
  • Use of cover
  • Speed versus accuracy, shooting from distance

The Jedburgh Intermediate Pistol Course builds on skills developed during our Basic Pistol Course and will allow shooters to expand their skills to include the proper use of cover, and alternate firing positions that occur during dynamic incidents.  The course also covers disadvantaged shooting and one handed manipulations of the handgun.  The automated Jedburgh Target System (JTS Green) will be featured prominently and will allow shooters to the opportunity to train against the most advanced targets ever built.

Round count for this course is approximately 485 rounds.  Students are welcome to bring extra ammunition as there will be opportunities to run extra drills.

This course is open to civilians, military members, and law enforcement.

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