Glock GSSF Match

Over $8,000 and 25+ Glocks to be given away!!
3 Stages – Shoot at your leisure, Saturday or Sunday – Walk-ups welcome!
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If you’re not a member, you don’t know how fun shooting sports can be!

The GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation is a safe, fun, family-oriented organization devoted to the responsible use of GLOCK firearms and encouraging participation in the shooting sports. Competitions, across the United States, provide opportunities for shooters of all skill levels and experience to compete together in simple, but challenging courses of fire. GSSF does not require the expensive equipment and extensive training often demanded by most other types of firearms competitions.

Started in 1991, GSSF has grown to include almost 100,000 members and now organizes more than 40 outdoor and over 210 indoor shooting matches each year—an unprecedented number. Almost anyone can join GSSF, but if you want to participate in a sanctioned sport shooting match, the only requirement is that you must compete with a GLOCK pistol. The only other requirement is that all of our competitors have fun! So we make that more of a “sure thing” by rewarding cash prizes, and GLOCK pistols, in multiple categories.

There are usually only two facial expressions observed at every match—aiming and smiling. Bring the whole family out to just one GSSF competition and you’re all likely to leave hooked!

GSSF Membership Benefits
A question we often hear is: “What do I get for the $35 I paid for joining GSSF or the $25 I pay for annual membership renewals?”

Initial Membership Package
Your initial membership package will include a copy of the GLOCK Annual magazine, a GSSF hat, a copy of the GLOCK Report detailing the GSSF program itself, and several other promotional items.

Matches Nationwide
The biggest single benefit is to allow you to attend the GSSF matches themselves. There are over forty of these per year, nationwide, at outdoor venues. Prizes at an average outdoor match amount to 18+ firearms and $4,275 – $12,000 in cash awards. The larger the match, the larger the number of and greater the quality of the awards.

Armorer’s Classes
As a GSSF member you are allowed access to the basic GLOCK Armorer’s class. As a GLOCK owner, this teaches you how to detail strip and maintain your GLOCK collection. GSSF members who attend these classes may also purchase new GLOCK firearms at preferential prices, in addition to the annual firearm purchase program available through their membership.

CMP Affiliation
GSSF is now affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program. The CMP makes World-Ware II-era military long guns and ammunition for them available to those eligible to purchase them at preferential prices.

Pistol Purchase Program
New members who join for two or more years and all renewing GSSF members are eligible to participate in the Pistol Purchase Program. Eligible members will recieve a coupon which can be used at participating dealers.

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