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Ghost Town Gunslingers – Cowboy Action Shooting

When: TBA   Time: 8:30am   Cost: $15 

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Ghost Town Gunslingers


The story behind the Ghost Town Gunslingers starts with the escapades of two Desperados, Copenhagen and Von Zipper. They met each other in the Colorado mining town of Silverton in 1876 as two 18yr old runaways trying to scratch a livin' out of whatever they could to survive that first God-awful winter of '76. Copenhagen won an 1858 Bankers Special in .32 caliber in a poker game bluffing down a fancy city gambler with a pair of twos.

When the gambler came to draw down on Copenhagen the next day in the back alley behind the Blue Bird Saloon, Copenhagen drew his new .32 and shot the man through the heart. Before anyone else showed up he took the mans billfold and gold watch and ran to find his friend Von Zipper.

With no witnesses and more importantly no friends in town they took advantage of a break in the spring snows and made their way to Durango where they boarded the Rio Grande railroad and headed east out of town. Before leaving Durango they bought themselves two new Colt SAA revolvers in .44-40 and a box of cartridges each. They had found a new and easier way to make money - a fast gun and a cool head.

They got off the train in Pagosa and stayed a couple of nights in a local boarding house. After a few winning hands at poker and a few more dollars they had picked up a couple of horses, used saddles and took a stroll through the local bank. They figured another easy way to make money was there and took to robbing the bank the following morning just as they opened for business. With another easy $550 they headed due east leaving the sheriff's posse in the dust.

From these audacious beginnings Copenhagen and Zipper started their lawless ways. They hid out in the high mountain town of Silver Heels and recruited a band of gunslingers. As the silver in the area ran out, Silver Heels became a Ghost Town but the Gunslingers stayed. They could see any posse coming from miles around and could easily make their break long before the law could find them. The Ghost Town Gunslingers are here to stay and ready to shoot 'em up and show any neighbor a good time in their cowboy let's stop reading and commence to shooting!

The SASS FL State Championship

2014 Siege at St Augustine
THE 2015 SIEGE AT ST AUGUSTINE was once again "an awesome Florida State Championship!" the votes were unanimous as cowboys and cowgirls came from the four corners of the US and some brave Canadian shooters joined as well! "With over 300 in attendance,  the weather was fantastic with some of the best stages and props you have ever seen. We are looking forward to the 2016 state championship.   Visit Siege at St Augustine and register to be a part of the fun!

Cowboy Action Shooting


Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) is the fastest growing outdoor shooting sport in the country. Attracting competitors from around the world, Cowboy Action Shooting is not only a sport that tests the shooters accuracy, but also a forum that brings back the days of the Old West in a veritable celebration of the cowboy lifestyle.

Cowboy Action Shooting was first created in 1981 by Harper Creigh aka Judge Roy Bean, SASS #1. After watching a couple of old westerns on TV on a rainy Saturday afternoon, he had a brain storm. An avid shooter in Soldier of Fortune and IPSC type action shooting matches he called shooting buddies, Gordon Davis and Bill Hahn and presented an idea to shoot their next match using western type guns. The rest, as they say, is history.

Men, women, and children share a common interest for preserving the history of the Old West and have all shared the benefits of the unique shooting design of Cowboy Action Shooting that focuses more on our American history, camaraderie and the safe recreational use of firearms.

Cowboy Action Shooting began at a shooting range in Coto de Caza, California. In the beginning, very loose rules were adhered to. But before long an assemblage of rules began to take shape and the new shooting sport evolved into what it is today.

In April 1982, the first END of TRAIL was introduced. 65 registered shooters competed. It wasn't until 1987, however, that SASS, The Single Action Shooting Society was formed. By then the Wild Bunch was formed and a membership organization was created to preserve and promote the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting.

The Single Action Shooting Society is the governing organization of Cowboy Action Shooting, worldwide. Today, with over 75,000 members, SASS is represented in all fifty states and 18 foreign countries. The organization endorses regional matches conducted by its more than 500 SASS affiliated clubs and promulgates rules and procedures to ensure safety and consistency in Cowboy Action Shooting matches. Most importantly, however, SASS members share a common interest for preserving the history of the Old West.

To learn more about SASS or to become a member please visit their official website.


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