Defensive Carbine – Lowlight

An advanced 2 day course designed to take those with solid carbine / handgun experience to the next level. This is a live fire course. Starting with defensive mindset and situational awareness and progressing into night / low-light tactics

Course Outline:
Range safety rules and commands, Situational awareness, Mindset, Carbine nomenclature, Gear selection and proper equipment placement, Carbine sight-in, Bullet placement and multiple shots, Target identification, Shooting from concealment, Reloading from concealment, Shooting from various distances, Protecting your partner / family, Engaging the threat with obstacles, Engaging multiple threats / multiple targets, Shooting in confined spaces, Leading / Lagging a target, Use of handheld and weapon mounted lights

*Lights will be available for purchase the day of the event.

Cost: $375 per person
Course Length: 12 hours (runs from 9am – 9pm)
Class Size: Limited to 4 students per class

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To register call: (904) 629-3490

To register:
(904) 629-3490