Combat Focus Instructor Conference – 2017 TBA

9th Annual Combat Focus Instructor Conference


The 9th Annual Combat Focus Shooting Instructor Conference will be held September 23-26, 2016 in St. Augustine, FL. This year’s conference will again feature both
end user courses and instructor development sessions.

Day 1 is for CFS Instructors and Instructor Candidates only. To be eligible to attend this day or any of the instructor development sessions, participants must have completed a 3, 4, or 5 day Instructor Course with I.C.E. Training Company. This day will feature program updates, reports from various attending instructors in regard to their activity and business and marketing and planning sessions for the 2016 training year. The Instructor Day at the conference also gives independent instructors time to share concepts and drills that they may have developed to compliment the core CFS Program and to compare notes on teaching and business practices.

Days 2 – 4 are also open to DFCs with day 2 being an admin day for updates and instructor development. These days of the conference will include both Instructor Development Sessions and end user courses. This year, end users will be able to attend a 1-day Fundamentals of CFS program, one day Combat Focus Carbine course, Fundamentals of CCW, Fundamentals of Home Defense Handguns, Armed Defense Around Vehicles and scenarios takening place to test the student’s ability to apply the skills learned during realistic scenarios . All end user blocks will be taught by several attending instructors, which offers a unique opportunity to train with a diverse group of talented educators from a variety of backgrounds. Rob Pincus will instruct throughout the conference with both instructors and those new to the program. Instructors with active status will receive a discounted registration fee.

Open to: CFS Instructors and DFC

Cost: $400 + Ammunition

After June 1st: $450 + Ammunition

After August 1st: $500 + Ammunition

Cost for DFC Instructors $300 + Ammunition

Info & registration: