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Ancient City Shooting Range’s newest training tool is the ICombat System

The ICombat equipment is available for Law Enforcement, Military or Security Operations training to be taken offsite training to ANY facility for reality based scenario training.

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iCOMBAT weapons systems are modeled after real-world components. Their size, form and function are real. This means your slings, sights, stocks and other add-ons attach seamlessly.  Pull the trigger for a live bang, recoil and bright muzzle flash. Out of ammo? Drop the mag and insert a new one.


The irM4 replicates the M16/M4. It has the same form, fit and function . You can add scopes, lights, stocks, and other attachments. The irM4 syncs wirelessly to the irVest to record shot data, accuracy and more.

The irM4 features a bright muzzle flash, ammunition accountability with the Smartmag, live noise and recoil, 2 modes of fire, and more. Indoor/outdoor training has never been more safe, easy and realistic.


The irPistol is based off of the Glock. The weight, function and action are identical to a 9mm pistol. The irPistol is completely safe and includes bright muzzle flash, live noise and recoil, real pistol action including a locking slide, ammo accountability and more.


The SmartMag powers each iCOMBAT weapon and acts as the brain of the system, allowing it to fire. The SmartMag keeps track of ammunition and stores the CO2 cartridge, which creates live noise and recoil in each weapon.  If you want to stay in the fight, drop your mag and insert a new one. The irM4 holds a 30 round SmartMag and the irPistol holds a 15 round SmartMags. SmartMags are the same size and weight as their real-life counterparts which also means supreme durability. You can drop your mag on the scene and carry on.

Unlimited training and total user tracking

Our software enables real-time user tracking. Create trainer profiles and track stats automatically every time you train.  Choose standard user or medic mode, health, ammo, time, teams, respawn, and much more.


The irVest is a full-scale MOLLE vest that houses all sensors for receiving iCOMBAT weapon shots. The MOLLE irVest allows attachment of your favorite pouches and add-ons, allowing unlimited tactical configurations. Bring all the magazines and gear you need into the firefight. The irVest is constructed of durable rip-stop nylon and meets industry standards in toughness. The irVest is modeled after popular styles that both the police and military wear every day. The irVest tracks all user data and communicates with the software up to a mile away.

Stress X Belt

Step up the intensity with stress-based training! The StressX shocking belt delivers a safe, localized shock or vibration to increase stress levels during training. It raises stress levels and ensures more realistic training. Several configurations are available to simulate wounds, vibrate, and otherwise alert the player when he or she has been shot.

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